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Are you a wholesaler, retailer, leading telecom operator, cell phone repair shop owner, or a company that reproduces Apple products? If so, chances are that you have been flooded with complaints from the customers. And, it isn’t your fault. That’s because a major part of the complaints from over 50 million users is about the iPhone screen.

Damaged, cracked, broken, or shattered screens are the main issues. Moreover, the iPhone screen replacement has cost more than 34 billion dollars. So, it’s high time that you should consider buying wholesale iPhone screens at the lowest price. That way, your customers can save on.

Where to buy bulk iPhone screens

There is no question that iPhone’s screen is the most vulnerable feature. And, they are prone to damage. That’s because those screens contain liquefied crystalline materials of the highest quality. Several studies show how the screens can crack, break, or even fall apart.

  • 74% of damages are due to fall on the ground
  • 49% damage occurs because of falling into liquids including water
  • 38% from falls off a table or countertop
  • 26% from falling into toilets and causing LCD damage
  • 22% jumps out of bags and damaging the LCD screen

What’s next? Customers contact their retailer, carrier, or wholesale distributor and ask for a replacement. Being a seller, you got to have a wholesale iPhone screen supplier, and your business can’t make a profit if you don’t have one. So, what’s the solution?. Do you want your business to survive and make a profit? If so, you need a trusted iPhone screen manufacturer. Remember that only a reliable iPhone screen manufacturer can help you out.

Well, all your trouble comes to end from now. That’s because we can provide you with the right thing you have been looking for. And, it is wholesale iPhone screens. We work with integrity and push our limits when it comes to serving clients. As such, our proactive approach resolves the problem. And, it gives us an upper hand compared to the others in this industry.

Why choose us as your bulk iPhone screens supplier?

We have specialization in both manufacturing and assembling important components of the iPhone. And, it includes the LCD screens too. Also, we have our factory with the latest technology and equipment needed to manufacture bulk iPhone screens.

Our strength lies in producing LCD screens for a variety of iPhones. So, when you choose us as your iPhone screens wholesale supplier, you can’t go wrong. You are in safe hands because we have a strong team of over 400 technicians and product designers.

It won’t matter whether you are a network carrier or a small/medium-sized facility. Or, even a big re-manufacturer of Apple devices. is your trusted iPhone screen wholesale partner. And, we guarantee you to provide high-quality products.

Buying iPhone screens in bulk at the lowest possible price is easy for you now. That’s how we earn trust from our customers.

But, there are more reasons to work with us.

Key reasons why you should choose us for your iPhone screen wholesaler

We are committed to our valued customers when it comes to meeting high-quality standards. Also, we are providing bulk buy at a very low price on the wholesale online market. However, our customers don’t buy from us because of high-quality products at lower price tags. Our partnership provides other benefits that give value to our customers.

  • A wide range of iPhone screens and other components right from the latest model iPhone 12 Pro Max to the iPhone 5C
  • There are different product grades. And, they range from OEM to NEW ORGIGINAL, to hard/soft OLED, Incell, and standard/premium
  • Our iPhone screen wholesale price doesn’t allow middlemen. As such, our customers experience the benefit
  • When it is about products, we provide a lifetime warranty policy for our customers
  • With less than 3% defect rate, customers get confidence to bulk buy our products
  • “Customer first” is our motto. So, you will receive the best customer service
  • We provide shipping right to your warehouse, factory, or office anywhere in the world

Still, not feeling confident that we are the best iPhone screens wholesale supplier that you can put your trust upon? There are many more things you can get from our partnership

  • Are you planning to buy iPhone screens in bulk? If so, we have more than 100,000 pieces of inventory
  • Expecting to ship early? We ship your products within 3 days after order confirmation
  • Looking for a manufacturer that delivers large orders for wholesale iPhone screens? With a 6000-square meter space in our facility, we can provide about 40,000 pieces daily
  • So, what about a defective return policy? Don’t worry, you are safe with our lifetime warranty policy. We have the most efficient, return policy you can find on the wholesale online market. Rest assured, our customers never get stuck with defective products. Moreover, we act fast and make arrangements to replace the product if there is a genuine defect. These are very rare cases.

That’s the kind of support you will get when you place an order for bulk buy with us. We are a managed organization. And, we meet the expectations of clients who are planning to bulk buy iPhone screens wholesale.

That’s why we have lots of satisfied clients from refurbishing companies, wholesale importers and even insurance companies. We are proud that multi-national companies such as T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T are our esteemed customers.

Ready to make the shift?

So, are you planning to make the shift to a trusted, reliable iPhone screen wholesale supplier for your Apple LCD screens and other parts? If so, you can contact us today and allow us to make the shift for you.

Keep in mind that customers are always looking for the best buying experience when it comes to replacing LCD screens. So, why not bulk buy from the best iPhone replacement screen wholesale supplier from us?

That way, you can give your customers the benefit of using high-quality components and accessories at a relatively lower price.

Therefore, switch to and make us your trusted associate. Not only it’s good for your customers, but also it’s better for your business.

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